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Here’s what you get with PeoplePoints® Community Rewards

Tickets, food, beverages, supplies, and more from local businesses and national brands. You can even donate your points to nonprofits. No other program gives you so many rewards for doing the things that make your life richer, your community stronger and our world a better place!


So many ways to earn points

Once you create your account, you can join rewards programs hosted by your city, schools, nonprofits and favorite businesses. As you attend events, volunteer, take quizzes, respond to surveys and many other activities you earn points. Plus, the more points you earn, the more special perks you’ll get!

Get points as you build strong communities on

You can earn points as you and your organization communicate and collaborate with key leaders, foundations, companies and governmental agencies on our PeopleMovers Community Network. You only need to sign up once to see your rewards add up as you help make our communities better!

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